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Corporate Video Benefits

There are numerous reasons for integrating video technology into your business development strategies. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Prospects are able to watch your video at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want. Video, therefore never infringes on a prospects time.

Using video helps your business project a progressive image.

Video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time.

With video, you can expect close to 100% viewership. Market studies show that nearly everyone given a videotape will play it in its entirety - out of curiosity, if nothing else.

Reduce Travel Costs:
For companies doing business overseas, out of town, or even across town, video is a cost-effective way to communicate with and demonstrate products to prospective customers.

People remember:

  • 20% of what they see
  • 45% of what they see and hear
  • 75% of what they see, hear, and do

Video will show your product or service in action.

A professionally produced video will engage and hold the viewer's attention better than any other medium.

Using video to promote your products or services will give your company a competitive edge.

Video brings the viewer right inside your facility to see the entire production process, including the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into your company's products. While you may not be able to get every prospect to come and see your facility, with video you can!

A professionally produced video is always designed to complement your existing website and printed materials.

Today's "visually literate" society gets most of its information from televison and the Internet: Marketers are now realizing that video is the medium of choice and streaming video over the Internet is the preferred distribution method.

Video saves time because your message is presented faster. A Wharton School of Business study showed that video speeds up buying decisions by 72%.

With video, you have complete control of your message. Viewers are presented just the information you want, in the exact order you want.

Video never has a bad day. A sales person can't always be at their best, but with a professionally produced video, your sales points are presented with the same professionalism and enthusiasm every time.

See why companies who compare quality and service trust Artistic Video Productions to assist in the production of their sales, marketing, and training materials.

Satified Customers

"Our prospects were extremely impressed with the end result created by Artistic Video and would not hesitate to use them again."
"Artistic Video Productions biggest contribution, other than creating a great promotional video, was their ability to take the entire project off our hands."
"We were able to concentrate on the content, while AVP provided the equipment, crew, and, of course, technical expertise, all while keeping to precise deadlines and staying within our budget."